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The Pirbright Seminar Series takes place on Thursday afternoons in the Centre for Collaborative Learning at Pirbright. Extra seminars are sometimes scheduled at late notice; please contact the programme organisers for any changes to the schedule.

Seminar times

13.00 - Seminar
14.00 - Student Q&A

Seminar contacts

For further information about individual seminars please contact the host directly.

For general information about upcoming seminars, please contact the programme organisers,

2023 Seminar programme

Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
19 Jan 2023               Michael Hassell           University of Surrey  "Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the HE Sector" Dr Marion England
24 Jan 2023 Dr Clare Bhunnoo UKRI-BBSRC “Culture and careers in bioscience research and innovation” Dr Louise Barton
26 Jan 2023 Professor Anca Dorhoi 

Friedrich Loeffler Institute

"Immunity to infection: keep it real" Prof Elma Tchilian
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
7 Feb 2023      Daniel Santos Mansur                      Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil 

"PKR-Mediated Stress Response Enhances Dengue and Zika Virus Replication"

Dr Renata Fleith
9 Feb 2023 Marcus Blagrove                   University of Liverpool

"Host in the machine: Construction of an explainable AI framework which identifies its own weaknesses and directs wet-lab experiments to answer the question – “in which hosts do viruses hide?” 

Dr Graham Freimanis             
16 Feb 2023                 No Seminar                 
23 Feb 2023 No Seminar      
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
2 Mar 2023 Dr Ronan O'Neill Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine Laboratories, Backweston, Ireland "Bovine Respiratory Coronavirus detections in Ireland – twelve years of trends and patterns" Dr Carrie Batten
9 Mar 2023 Dr Nicola Stonehouse University of Leeds "Dissecting the replication complex of foot-and-mouth disease virus" Dr Helena Maier
16 Mar 2023             No seminar      
23 Mar 2023     Professor Geoff Smith               University of Cambridge "Host restriction factors versus virus evasion strategies for vaccinia and monkeypox viruses" Prof Bryan Charleston             


Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
6 Apr 2023 No seminar  Privilege Day          
13 Apr 2023          Dr Hashem Koohy University of Oxford     "Modelling dynamics of CD8 T cell response to SARS-CoV-2’s emerging variants of concern"

Dr Shahriar Behboudi

20 April 2023 No seminar  SGM Birmingham, 17-20 April     
27 April 2023 Dr Vanessa Herder MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research "How spatial biology helps to understand the pathogenesis of SARS CoV-2" Dr Graham Freimanis
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
4 May 2023         Professor Dirk Werling  The Royal Veterinary College “C-type lectin receptors in farmed animals – tools to train immunity” Prof John Hammond
11 May 2023 Dr Sarah Hill The Royal Veterinary College "Genomic epidemiology of enzootic viral pathogens: identifying transmission routes and outbreak dynamics with virus genome sequences" Dr Graham Freimanis
18 May 2023 Professor Kristin Michel Kansas State University "Mosquito immune regulation: How to treat your friends and foes” Dr Kevin Maringer
25 May 2023 No seminar   Seminar cancelled due to unforseen circumstances  
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
8 Jun 2023       No seminar    Seminar postponed due to unforseen circumstances   
15 Jun 2023 Professor Chris Oura  The University of the West Indies  "One Health In Action in the Caribbean" Dr Carrie Batten
22 Jun 2023 NanoString Technologies, Inc.   "New Spatial Transcriptomics Technology Platforms and possible applications for Veterinary Science" Dr Graham Freimanis
29 Jun 2023 Professor Richard Bomphrey Royal Veterinary College  "An integrated view of insect flight" Dr Christopher Sanders
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
6 Jul 2023         Dr Christina Ernst The Pirbright Institute, Coronavirus Cellular Biology  "RNA-Protein Interactions at the Host-Viral Interface"  
13 Jul 2023 Dr Morgan Herod University of Leeds “Comparing and understanding the replication strategies of norovirus and hepatitis E virus” James Kelly
20 Jul 2023 Dr Yuguang Zhao Division of Structural Biology, Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford "Structural View of Wnt Signalling and Viral Receptors" Dr Yongxiu Yao
27 Jul 2023  Dr Nicholas Locker  The Pirbright Institute, Viral Stress Response Group "Friends or Foes? The Many Routes Viruses Use to Manipulate RNA Granules"  
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host

No seminars in August due to Summer Break   

Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
7 Sep 2023 Professore Rushika Perera  Colorado State University, USA "Reframing Viral Infections as Acute Metabolic Disorders" Dr Kevin Maringer
14 Sep 2023 No seminar    
21 Sep 2023 Dr James Cussens  University of Bristol "Learning causal models from data and expert knowledge" Dr Nicos Angelopoulos
28 Sep 2023                   No seminar       


Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
12 Oct 2023                     No seminar       
17 Oct 2023

Professor Paul Duprex

Center for Vaccine Research, University of Pittsburgh 

"Animal viruses below the radar: from discovery to recovery"

Prof Nicolas Locker
19 Oct 2023

Dr Sonja Hartle 

Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich "Chicken B cell development and differentiation" Dr Marie Di Placido
26 Oct 2023 No seminar School Half Term    


Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
2 Nov 2023        Dr Yannick Nossin Cell Signaling Technology, The Netherlands "Specificity is key: a spotlight on CST innovative solutions for your immunofluorescence experiments”   
16 Nov 2023        
23 Nov 2023 Professor Eleni Nastouli University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) and Great Ormond Street Hospital. TBC Dr Nicos Angelopoulos
30 Nov 2023 Dr Nathan Archer  University of Nottingham TBC Dr Caroline Wright
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
7 Dec 2023 TBC      
14 Dec 2023 TBC      

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