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August 2019: IVIS (International Veterinary Immunology Symposium) meeting, Seattle, USA.

2010-2014: SPI (Portuguese Society of Immunology) annual meetings, Portugal. (Posters/Seminar)

Nov 2012: NEFAAC (University of Pharmacy of Coimbra) annual meeting, Coimbra, Portugal. (Seminar)

Jun 2010: IGC-IMM (Instituto de Medecina Molecular) joint meeting, Lisbon, Portugal. (Seminar)

Aug 2009: Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Lisbon, Portugal. (Seminar)

May 2009: 96th meeting of the American Association of Immunologists. Seattle, USA. (Informal oral session)

Apr 2007: 2d ENII-MUGEN Immunology Summer School. Capo Caccia, Italy. (Poster)

Feb 2007: Symposium of the Doctoral department of Marseille University. Marseille, France. (Poster)

Sep 2006: 1st joint meeting of European National Societies of Immunology. Paris, France. (Poster)

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