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Research collaborations

We partner with a diverse range of stakeholders to enhance global food and economic security while improving the health and wellbeing of animals and people. 

Our collaborations maximise the impact of our scientific knowledge and expertise in disease control, surveillance, and prediction worldwide.

Our partners and stakeholders include academic institutions, such as research institutes and universities, industrial partners, government departments, international funding and disease control agencies (such as WHO, WOAH), NGOs, and charities.

By partnering with us, our collaborators benefit from access to our unique facilities and expertise as a National Capability.

We focus on translating our collaborative research into impactful products, tools, and techniques to prevent and control viral diseases of livestock and those that spread from animals to humans. 

Collaborate with us

We actively seek new partnerships, take a look at our research groups to understand our research and expertise and see how we align with your goals.

Contact our Knowledge Exchange & Commercialisation team at to find out how your organisation can work with us.

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