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Science in society

At the Institute we are committed to involving the public in our science in as many ways as possible. We believe there should be no boundaries and everyone should be able to engage in the fascinating world of science.

Our aims

At The Pirbright Institute we have key aims to make science as interesting and accessible as possible.

Our vision is to:

  • enthuse and inspire the next generation of scientists
  • increase networking between scientists and schools
  • enhance public access to research and publish accurate, accessible and up to date data
  • encourage researchers to interact with the public, using their input to direct future research

Connecting, engaging, and educating

We attend a wide range of events to raise awareness about our work and gather public feedback.

Our public engagement program heavily focuses on education outreach activities. We encourage staff from all areas of the Institute to volunteer at various events aimed at inspiring and educating students of all ages

Our participation in events outside schools, colleges and universities spans science and general-interest festivals, county and farm shows, and stakeholder events. At science festivals like the Cheltenham Science Festival and the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, we engage with visitors interested in science, answering questions and showcase exhibits that demonstrate our research and the impact of our research.  At non-science events such as the Surrey County Show and Pirbright Village Fair, we share our research to inspire public interest in science. We also connect with farmers at events like the Pig and Poultry Fair and Beef Expo, discussing viral diseases and offering latest advice on outbreaks.

Featuring the Royal Society Summer Science 2015 Exhibition, video production by Red Banana.

Get involved

We like to encourage everyone to get involved with public engagement.

If you know a school in Surrey, Hampshire or Sussex that would benefit from our help or think we could attend an event, show or festival then please email us at

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