To apply for one of the positions listed below, please send a copy of your CV with an optional cover letter to

Communications and Engagement Manager

Operating within the Communications department, the Communications and Engagement Manager (CEM) role is critical to the delivery of corporate communications and building international reputation through robust media and news management and effective public engagement. Reporting to the Head of Communications and Engagement, the CEM will help to shape the scientific communications and public engagement strategies whilst supporting the corporate reputation-building activities of the Institute.

Postdoctoral research scientists (gene editing in cancer pathogenesis)

Applications are invited for two postdoctoral research scientists in gene editing to investigate molecular oncogenic mechanisms of virus-induced cancers. The successful candidates will join the Avian Oncogenic Virus Group and will focus on genome editing of cell lines transformed by a number of avian oncogenic viruses such as Marek’s disease virus and avian leukosis virus to investigate the host-virus interactions to unravel the molecular mechanism of avian oncogenic virus induced oncogenesis.

Specialist equipment owner (critical infrastructure)

The specialist equipment owner (critical infrastructure) is a pivotal member of the Capability-Estates Management Services department. The position will follow a structured program of engineering training aimed at developing proficiency in engineering containment management. This will specifically involve design and operation of specialist plant control systems and project management of new engineering installations.

IS infrastructure support

The person in this position is accountable for ensuring continuity of computer services for computer users by providing the planning, technical leadership, and project coordination necessary to implement computer software products and resolve technical problems. As a priority IT Service leads over IT Project requirements with a department goal of achieving an SLA of 96%. The incumbent provides the IT department with the leadership and coordination necessary to ensure continuity of computer services for divisional computer users

Health safety & biosafety (HSBS) adviser

The successful candidate will be critical to provide The Pirbright Institute with expert professional support necessary to comply with requirements under health & safety law and related legislation, to maintain legal authority to operate as a HSE major hazard installation under its specified animal pathogens order 2008 (SAPO) license; and to facilitate control and mitigation of the high consequence risks arising from its work.

Postdoctoral research scientist

We are looking for an experienced scientist to become part of an international collaborative programme of research in swine influenza (SI) and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS), funded by the BBSRC newton research initiative. PRRS and SI viruses are major causes of economic losses to the pig industry worldwide. The rapid evolution of both PRRS and SI viruses has produced a diversity of viral strains that poses a significant challenge to effective control of these pathogens via traditional vaccine approaches.

Postdoctoral research scientist

The position of postdoctoral research scientist will be a valued member of the Influenza Viruses Group. The successful candidate will work on an exciting newly funded BBSRC grant looking at the rapid adaptation of avian influenza viruses to mammalian hosts. Our aims are to understand how quickly avian influenza viruses are able to adapt to mammalian hosts, whether all prevalent strains are able to adapt and to understand the characteristics of an influenza virus that can adapt.

Postdoctoral research assistant

This post-doctoral researcher will be part of the Large DNA virus research team. The focus of the research team is on complex DNA viruses including poxviruses. The researcher will perform a key role in a new three year BBSRC-funded project developing new vaccines for lumpy skin disease (LSD), a severe poxviral disease of cattle. LSD is a rapidly emerging disease.

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