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The Pirbright Seminar Series takes place on Thursday afternoons. The seminars take place in the Centre for Collaborative Learning at Pirbright.
External visitors can be invited to join the seminar remotely via their PC/laptop.

Extra seminars are sometimes scheduled at late notice; please contact the programme organisers for any changes to the schedule.

Seminar times

12.40 - Refreshments
13.00 - Seminar
14.00 - Student Q&A

Seminar contacts

For further information about individual seminars please contact the host directly.
For general information about upcoming seminars, please contact the programme organisers,

2018 Seminar programme

Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
04 Jan       No seminar  
11 Jan

Professor Jim Al-Khalili OBE

University of Surrey

'Does Life Need Quantum Mechanics? The emerging science of quantum biology.'

Dr Adrian Zagrajek

18 Jan

Professor Charles Bangham

Imperial College London

'The human leukaemia virus HTLV-1: regulation of latency, clonality and pathogenesis'

Dr Linda Dixon  

25 Jan Dr Helen Roberts Animal and Plant Health Agency 'Predicting the unpredictable: horizon scanning and risk assessment of exotic diseases' Dr Chris Netherton
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
01 Feb Dr Carolina Stenfeldt United States Department of Agriculture

'Investigations of the FMDV carrier state in cattle at Plum Island Animal Disease Center'

Dr Bryan Charleston
08 Feb   No seminar    
15 Feb Professor Déirdre Hollingsworth University of Oxford

'Control of neglected tropical diseases: Mathematical modelling to optimise interventions with limited epidemiological data'

Dr Simon Gubbins
22 Feb Dr Cecilia Johansson Imperial College London

'Type I interferons regulate lung inflammation during viral infections'

Dr Elma Tchilian
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
01 Mar Dr David Carter Oxford Brookes University TBC Professor Venugopal Nair
08 Mar International Woman’s Day      
15 Mar Dr Chris Illingworth University of Cambridge TBC Dr Erica Bickerton
22 Mar No seminar      
29 Mar Privilege Day      
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
05 Apr No seminar      
12 Apr No seminar - SGM Microbiology Society Annual Conference Birmingham    10 - 13 April 2018    
19 Apr Dr Goedele Maertens Imperial College London

'Protein Phosphatase 2A (PP2A) influences integration site selection of Human T-Lymphotropic Virus type-1 (HTLV-1)'

Dr Helena Maier
26 Apr Professor Paul Wigley University of Liverpool

“Gut Feeling: host-bacterial interactions in the chicken intestinal tract and their role in health and disease”

Dr Holly Shelton
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
03 May Professor Päivi Ojala Imperial College London

“Kaposi sarcoma herpesvirus (KSHV) as a valuable model system for cancer biology”

Dr Linda Dixon
10 May Dr Susanna Bidgood University College London "The Poxvirus Lateral Body Proteome: Characterising Enigmatic Viral Structures" Dr Helena Maier
17 May Dr Benjamin Schusser Technical University of Munich "Genetically engineered chickens: New models to analyze host-pathogen interaction and vaccine responses in chickens" Dr Mark Fife
24 May No seminar      
31 May No seminar      
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
07 Jun Dr David Carter   Oxford Brookes University “Intercellular communication following stress response: chit-chat or pow-wow?”         Prof Venugopal Nair OBE
14 Jun No Seminar      
21 Jun Dr Peter Dearden       University of Otago (New Zealand)       

'The genomic architecture of a plastic trait'

Dr Mark Fife
28 Jun No Seminar      
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
05 Jul

Dr Harry White           

University of Exeter 'Antibody memory responses to variant viral envelope proteins demonstrate the potential and limits of cross-reactive immunity' Dr Elma Tchilian
19 Jul  Prof Benjamin Schusser   Technical University of Munich   

'Genetically engineered chickens: New models to analyse host-pathogen interaction and vaccine responses in chickens'

Dr Mark Fife
30 Jul
Dr Frederico Zuckermann              University of Illinois      'Interaction of PRRSV with porcine macrophages' Dr Linda Dixon

There are no seminars during August.

Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
06 Sep No seminar      
13 Sep No seminar      
20 Sep Dr Martha Betson                           University of Surrey           

'Use of molecular approaches to investigate transmission dynamics of parasitic diseases (helminthiases and malaria)'

Dr Georgina Limon-Vega                
27 Sep No seminar      
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
04 Oct Dr Isabelle Schwartz-Cornil           Institute National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), France             'Engineering antigens with DC-targeting properties to improve vaccines for domestic animals' Dr Simon Graham              
11 Oct No seminar      
18 Oct No seminar      
25 Oct Dr Tony Nolan Imperial College London

'Developing gene drive systems for population suppression of the malaria mosquito'

Prof Luke Alphey


Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
01 Nov Dr Simon Hufton The National Institute of Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC)                    'Nanobodies against influenza and their applications' Dr Munir Iqbal
08 Nov   No seminar    
15 Nov Dr Liam Morrison The Roslin Institute TBC Prof John Hammond
22 Nov Dr Andrew Bassett Wellcome Sanger Institute, Cambridge TBC Prof Venugopal Nair OBE   
29 Nov Dr Suzie Hingley-Wilson                     University of Surrey 'Survival strategies of Mycobacterium tuberculosis' Dr Elma Tchilian
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
06 Dec Dr Bob Cheke University of Greenwich TBC Dr Simon Carpenter
13 Dec Professor Silke Rautenschlein      The University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover TBC               Dr Andrew Broadbent             
20 Dec Christmas Break no seminar      

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