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Arthropod supplies

Many of the viruses we study at The Pirbright Institute are spread between livestock, humans and wildlife by insects or ticks. Our Entomology Group manages and maintains insect colonies in our insectary and provides scientific expertise to help us understand the transmission and ecology of the viruses that they spread.

Under National Capability we are able to offer access to these vectors and scientific expertise. The products available include:

  • Culicoides sonorensis, a biting midge species used to investigate arbovirus infection and dissemination. This vector is competent for a wide range of arboviruses including bluetongue, African horse sickness and Schmallenberg.
  • Culicoides nubeculosus, a UK species used for insecticide and repellent testing, studies of mating and host location, molecular assay standardisation and for immunological investigations in horses.
  • Stomoxys calcitrans, large flies, commonly known as stable flies. Stables flies can mechanically transmit internationally important diseases of livestock and are a significant biting nuisance to livestock, horses and humans.

All arthropods supplied to academic research institutes ("not for profit" organisations) and commercial applicants are subject to an individually prepared Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) between the originating institute providing the material (i.e. The Pirbright Institute) and the recipient.

MTA Request Form: New users must complete a MTA Request Form and return it as soon as possible to enable preparation of the Material Transfer Agreement.  Our Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation team will draft the MTA as appropriate and send on to the user for their review and signature.
MTA Request Form

Arthropod Order Form: Orders will only be accepted once the Material Transfer Agreement is signed and a completed Arthropod Order Form has been submitted.
Arthropod Order Form

Species Timelines
C. nubeculosus Please allow at least one working weeks' notice unless by prior arrangement
C. sonorensis Please allow at least one working weeks' notice unless by prior arrangement
S. calcitrans Please allow at least two working weeks' notice unless by prior arrangement

For more information, email us: 

Supplies will be sent to external UK institutes via Royal Mail unless otherwise requested.  Supplies will be sent overseas via courier.  Shipping outside the UK is subject to appropriate permits and/or visa requirements being in place.
For more information about the current availability of arthropods or existing orders, please contact the Insectary team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Supply queries: +44 (0) 1483 231408

MTA queries: +44 (0) 1483 231408

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