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Mucosal Immunology

Tungatt K, Dolton G, Morgan S B, Attaf M, Fuller A, Whalley T, Hemmink J D, Porter E, Szomolay B, Montoya M, Hammond J A, Miles J J, Cole D K, Townsend A, Bailey M, Rizkallah P J, Charleston B, Tchilian E, Sewell A K (2018)

PLoS Pathogens 14 (5) , e1007017
Morgan S B, Holzer B, Hemmink J D, Salguero F J, Schwartz J C, Agatic G, Cameroni E, Guarino B, Porter E, Rijal P, Townsend A, Charleston B, Corti D, Tchilian E (2018)

Frontiers in Immunology 9 , 865
Hemmink J D, Morgan S B, Aramouni M, Everett H, Salguero F J, Canini L, Porter E, Chase-Topping M, Beck K, Loughlin R M, Carr B V, Brown I H, Bailey M, Woolhouse M, Brookes S M, Charleston B, Tchilian E (2016)

Veterinary Research 47 (1) , 103
Morgan S B, Hemmink J D, Porter E, Harley R, Shelton H, Aramouni M, Everett H E, Brookes S M, Bailey M, Townsend A M, Charleston B, Tchilian E (2016)

Journal of Immunology 196 (12) , 5014-5023


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