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  • Veterinary representative to the British Society for Immunology Forum
  • Chair of the British Society for Immunology Comparative Veterinary Immunology Group
  • Deputy chair of BBSRC Grants Committee A
  • Science Committee The Pirbright Institute
  • Speaker International Veterinary Immunology Symposium, Seattle, USA, 2019
  • Speaker Laboratory Animal Research Network (LARN) conference, Birmingham, UK 2021
  • Speaker 7th European Veterinary Immunology Workshop, Belgrade, Serbia, 2021
  • Speaker Summer School Greifswald, FLI, Germany 2022 
  • Speaker IRTA, Barcelona, Spain, 2022
  • Keynote speaker International Conference on Livestock, companion animals and wildlife Coronaviruses meeting, Belfast, UK 2023
  • Keynote speaker to the European Veterinary Immunology Workshop (EVIW) meeting in Dublin, Ireland 2024


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