Valdez KR, Nzau B, Dorey-Robinson D, Jarman M, Nyagwange J, Schwartz JC, Freimanis G, Steyn AW, Warimwe GM, Morrison LJ, Mwangi W, Charleston B, Bonnet-Di Placido M, Hammond JA (2023)

vaccines 11 (6) , 1099




Aug 2021: 7th European Veterinary Immunology Workshop, (oral presentation)

Dec 2013- 2014: Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for AIDS Research. Osaka, Japan (Short talk)

Oct 2013 - 2014: Annual Kumamoto AIDS Seminar. Kumamoto, Japan (Short talk)

Oct 2013: AIDS Vaccine Conference, Barcelona, Spain (Poster)

Mar 2013: United States-Japan Cooperative Medical Sciences Program, AIDS Panel Meeting, Singapore (Short talk)

Dec 2012: 4th Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on HIV/AIDS (Short talk)

Mar 2012: Keystone Symposia. Colorado, U.S.A. (Poster)

Oct 2011 - 2012: 13th Kumamoto AIDS Seminar. Kumamoto, Japan (Poster)


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