Kristel obtained a licentiate degree in Biological Chemistry at the University San Carlos de Guatemala in 2009, and then did a PhD in Medical Sciences at Kumamoto University (Japan), where she characterized and isolated monoclonal antibodies against HIV-1 in 2015. She then moved to Turkey, where she worked as an Assistant Professor of Medical Microbiology at Altinbas University for two years. She joined the Immunogenetics Group as Postdoctoral Scientist in March 2019 working on the antibody response to FMDV as part of a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project.



Dec 2013- 2014: Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for AIDS Research. Osaka, Japan (Short talk)

Oct 2013 - 2014: Annual Kumamoto AIDS Seminar. Kumamoto, Japan (Short talk)

Oct 2013: AIDS Vaccine Conference, Barcelona, Spain (Poster)

Mar 2013: United States-Japan Cooperative Medical Sciences Program, AIDS Panel Meeting, Singapore (Short talk)

Dec 2012: 4th Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on HIV/AIDS (Short talk)

Mar 2012: Keystone Symposia. Colorado, U.S.A. (Poster)

Oct 2011 - 2012: 13th Kumamoto AIDS Seminar. Kumamoto, Japan (Poster)

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