Newbrook K, Khan N, Fisher A, Chong K, Gubbins S, Davies WC, Sanders C, Busquets MG, Cooke L, Corla A, Ashby M, Flannery J, Batten C, Stokes JE, Sanz-Bernardo B, Carpenter S, Moffat K, Darpel KE (2024)

Frontiers in Immunology 15
Ropiak H M, King S, Busquets M G, Newbrook K, Pullinger G D, Brown H, Flannery J, Gubbins S, Batten C, Rajko-Nenow P, Darpel K E (2021)

Viruses 13 (9) , 1781
Publisher’s version:
  • SAPO4 Users group (The Pirbright Institute)
  • ED&I working group (The Pirbright Institute)
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  • “T lymphocytes contribute to protective immunity and pathogenesis in bluetongue virus-infected sheep but not viral replication or transmission”. Oral Presentation. 15th AM EPIZONE; Novisad, Serbia (2023).

  • “Novel antibody signatures in bluetongue virus-infected ruminants improve predictions of infectious timelines”. Poster presentation. 14th AM EPIZONE; Barcelona, Spain (2022).

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  • “Elucidating the role of T lymphocytes in pathogenesis during bluetongue virus infection in sheep”. Oral presentation. 12th AM EPIZONE; Vienna, Austria (2018).

Journal of General Virology - Most Promising Science poster prize (Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2021).


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