Benlahrech A, Yasmin A, Westrop S J, Coleman A, Herasimtschuk A, Page E, Kelleher P, Gotch F, Imami N, and Patterson S (2012)

Clinical and Experimental Immunology 170 (2) , 212-221
  • Microbiology Society
  • Poster presentation, "Characterisation of bovine dendritic cells following FMDV infection", EuFMD 2018, Borgo Egnazia, Italy, 29-31 October 2018
  • Speaker, "Characterisation of bovine dendritic cells following FMDV infection", Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2019, Belfast, UK, 8-11 April 2019


  • Sheffield Graduate Award – The University of Sheffield, 2009
    Work involved persevering through challenging scenarios, such as enterprise, work experience, community volunteering and international relations. Upon completion of tasks on the program, Amina's communication, teamwork and problem solving skills were assessed by writing a portfolio.


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