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Knowledge exchange

The Pirbright Institute is committed to realising the socio-economic benefit of its science and has developed a strong culture of translational research where understanding biological processes can lead to benefits in science, veterinary medicine, and policy. Our research results in an ever-increasing knowledge base.

Knowledge exchange (KE) is the process that brings our stakeholders together to exchange ideas, know-how, knowledge and expertise. Our stakeholders are a mix of among others research staff and colleagues in universities and research institutes, public and private users of research and capabilities to create products and services, farmers and vets, as well as regulators and different communities that have an interest or have other reasons to be interested in The Pirbright Institute.

We apply some key approaches and principles:

  • The knowledge and expertise we generate has to be shared, for example via workshops, meetings, conferences, scientific publications as well as training and professional development
  • Where possible, we strive that our knowledge is developed into valuable advice, tools, technologies, products and services
  • We actively protect our knowledge and inventions are patented wherever possible and appropriate as we believe that protection ultimately benefits society

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