Poultry health course: Instructor-led

1-week course

£2,000 ex VAT

10-20 participants

Centre for Collaborative Learning


Who should attend

This course has been specifically designed for veterinary surgeons, technical staff, and poultry managers as part of continued professional development (CPD).

Requirements and qualifications

Participants must work within the poultry industry and have a basic understanding of poultry health. The course is presented in English.

Course description

The course is designed and taught by subject matter experts within The Pirbright Institute, University of Surrey, and guest lecturers at the forefront of their respective fields. The course will cover key virological, bacteriological, and parasitological poultry diseases. Industry experts will lead on discussions regarding nutrition and enrichment, hatchery practice and field investigations. Practicals will take place at the University of Surrey. The course will include a combination of hands-on practicals, demonstrations, and lectures. Relevant course material will be provided at the close of the course.

Learning outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the clinical signs of key poultry diseases.
  • Describe the immunology for key poultry diseases.
  • Perform postmortem examination and key diagnostic techniques including real-time PCR to detect viral genome, bacterial culturing, and microscopy.
  • Identify necessary biosecurity measures for a poultry farm and perform a field investigation.
  • Describe best practices for nutrition, and enrichment.
  • Discuss current industry issues including antimicrobial resistance.

Next steps

Email your completed application form to pirbright.training@pirbright.ac.uk.

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