The British Pig and Poultry Fair

12 May, 2020 to 13 May, 2020

The 2020 British Pig & Poultry Fair will be happening on 12-13 May in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. This fair is a fantastic opportunity to keep up to date with the latest advice, research and practices in pig & poultry industries. Farmers, suppliers, researchers and industry experts will meet to discuss and present their ideas, products and solutions in a two day event. The Pirbright Institute will be attending with some of our leading scientists to discuss our research and the implications it has for pig and poultry production and trade. 

Secure insectary experimental methods course

29 June, 2020 to 03 July, 2020

A theoretical and practical course on experimental infection of insect vectors with BSL2 and BSL3 pathogens.

This course will provide a necessary background to successfully plan, design, and conduct insect infection studies with BSL2 and BSL3 pathogens. The course is aimed at early career scientists, and/or applicants looking to strengthen their research capacity in this area. No prior entomology experience is required. Prior experience in working with human/animal pathogens in biological containment laboratories is advisable.

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

06 July, 2020 to 12 July, 2020

The Pirbright Institute has been selected to attend the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in July 2020, a week long festival celebrating UK science and innovation which is open to all. Come along to experience a packed programme of thought-provoking talks, jaw-dropping demonstrations and entertaining performances.

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