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Veterinary Vaccine Development Process: eLearning

The course is primarily aimed at academic researchers having a basic knowledge of virology and vaccinology with more interactive learning materials provided for the early phases of vaccine development during which academia is more involved. However, as it provides a complete summary of the development process it will be helpful for anyone wishing to gain an overview of veterinary vaccine development.

The modular structure (with no module taking more than 60 minutes) takes up to 6 hours to complete depending on how much one utlizes the interactive material and external follow-up links provided.

What you need to know

  • Cost: £200, fees are payable via PayPal, Visa or Mastercard (local taxes will be added where applicable).
  • Duration: The course is expected to take a minimum of 6 hours to complete. Once purchased, access to the online material is available for 30 days only.

Course pre requisites

A basic knowledge of virology and vaccinology is assumed. The course is prepared in English (UK).

Learning objectives

This interactive course provides you with a complete overview and lesson details of the veterinary vaccine development process from early research at academia to later stages of vaccine development and registration likely performed by an industry partner. Including the process of developing a vaccine, showing how that process flows from early-stage research through to commercial development and product registration.

Course modules

The course comprises of the following modules:

    • Introduction
    • Learning Objectives
    • Target Product Profile
    • Discovery & Feasibility
    • Early-Phase Development
    • Late-Phase Development
    • Product Licencing and Regulations
    • Vaccine Success Stories
    • Summary
    • Glossary of Terms
    • Acknowledgements

About the trainers

The veterinary vaccine development process eLearning course was produced and reviewed by subject matter experts working at The Pirbright Institute.

How to apply

To purchase access to this course for one month please email Our training team will be in contact with you to arrange access to our online learning portal where you will be able to purchase the course using PayPal, Visa or Mastercard.

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