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Avian influenza virus (AIV): eLearning

2-3-hour course

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Target audience

The course is specifically designed for poultry health and industry professionals including vets and laboratory staff responsible for implementing diagnostic techniques to detect avian influenza virus (AIV). The course can also be useful to anyone with a general interest in learning about the pathogenicity, clinical disease, epidemiology, and control of the virus.

Requirements and qualifications

Access to a computer with a reliable internet connection is essential. The course is prepared in English (UK).

Course description

This eLearning course designed in collaboration with subject matter experts conducting research on avian influenza at Pirbright, is intended to broaden participants understanding of avian influenza, and the virus which causes it. The course specifically focuses on information that would be useful for laboratory staff undertaking laboratory diagnostic testing of AIV.

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Learning outcomes

Divided into 6 individual modules, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the history, impact, structure, replication cycle and stability of AIV.
  • Describe the pathogenesis and spread of AIV including the development of immunity.
  • Recognise the clinical signs of AIV and compare to other diseases for differential diagnoses.
  • Outline methods for sample dispatch and receipt.
  • Explain laboratory diagnostics including molecular, virological, and serological techniques.
  • Discuss disease control and risk mitigation strategies.

Course modules

The course comprises of the following modules:

  Module title Duration (minutes) No of Questions
1. Introductory module 35  15 
2. Pathogenesis and Spread of AI 25 
3. Clinical Diagnosis of AI 20 
4. Sample Dispatch and Receipt 15 
5. Introduction to Laboratory Diagnosis 30  10 
6. Disease Control 30  10 

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