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The Pirbright Institute has produced and manages a number of websites to communicate its research to a variety of stakeholder groups and collaborators. Listed below are websites that are maintained and/or coordinated by the Institute.

Centre of Excellence for Research on Avian Diseases (CERAD)

UK-China CERAD is aiming to establish networking and discussion platform for researchers and stakeholders working on or having interests in avian disease between two collaborating countries, China and UK. Exploiting these collaborative research and networking opportunities, establishment of multi-disciplinary research portfolios globally to better understand the pathogenesis, economic losses, transmission biology and control stratgies of avian diseases in production animals.

Jointly established by The Pirbright Institute, UK and Shandong Binzhou Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Academy, China, UK-China CERAD is a virtual centre for the state of the art research and training for UK and Chinese scientists and students through establishment of joint research projects, exchange visits for training and education on new technologies for disease control s well as organizing international conferences.



DEFEND is an international partnership of academic, industrial and governmental organisations working together to tackle the emergence of African swine fever and lumpy skin disease in European livestock.


Global Alliance for Research on Avian Diseases (GARAD)

GARAD is a forum, led by Pirbright, to establish networking among avian researchers from all continents. The primary aim of this initiative is to share and exchange latest research advances, promote collaboration and to maximize the use of resources and expertise to progressively control avian diseases, around the world.



The Gnatwork is a Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) funded network, aiming to create and maintain a community of researchers based on shared technical difficulties across biting midges, sandflies and blackflies. Through pump-prime funding of small-scale studies and hosting of annual training workshops, they aim to create a more resilient research base for these three neglected vector groups.


The Immunological Toolbox

The Immunological Toolbox is a website which aims to provide accurate data on currently available reagents alongside the capacity to expand the veterinary reagent portfolio through the production and characterisation of new immunological reagents, new tools and assays to promote research.



The IPD-MHC Database provides a centralised repository for sequences of the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) from a number of different species. Through a number of international collaborations IPD (Immuno Polymorphism Database) is able to provide the MHC sequences of different species. The sequences provided by each group are curated by experts in the field and then submitted to the central database.


OIE/FAO Reference Laboratory Network for foot-and-mouth disease

The OIE and FAO have designated reference laboratories with scientific and technical expertise within the areas of animal health, public health and zootechnics to help prevent, control and eradicate major animal diseases.

The purpose of the Network of OIE/FAO FMD Reference Laboratories is to make available accurate and timely data to support global surveillance and control of foot-and-mouth disease.

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