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Environment and Biodiversity

The Pirbright Institute is proud to have an Energy and Environment Team (EET), dedicated to ensuring a more joined up and collaborative approach to sustainability across site. Meetings are held bimonthly, and members of the quorum include staff at all levels from science and operations across the Institute.

In the past, our staff have assisted with conservation activities to improve the biodiversity of habitats in the local area. Volunteering for these initiatives was halted through the pandemic but we are looking to reinvigorate these activities soon. The EET run litter picks both on and off the site. Not only does this keep our environment clean and healthy, but it is a wonderful way to give back to our local community.

The Pirbright site is continually developing, and we use BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) to ensure buildings are compliant when it comes to sustainable construction, operation, and design. BREEAM supports biodiversity by developing strategies that restore and protect it. Pirbright is home to a diverse range of birds, mammals, and amphibians, including the great crested newt which is the UK’s largest and rarest newt.


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