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The Pirbright Seminar Series takes place on Thursday afternoons. The seminars take place in the Ash Building conference room at Pirbright.
External visitors can be invited to join the seminar remotely via their PC/laptop.

Extra seminars are sometimes scheduled at late notice; please contact the programme organisers for any changes to the schedule.

Seminar times

3.40 - Refreshments
4.00 - Seminar
5.00 - Student Q&A

Seminar contacts

For further information about individual seminars please contact the host directly.
For general information about upcoming seminars, please contact the programme organisers,

2017 Seminar programme

Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
05 Jan Prof Fiona Tomley Royal Veterinary College 'Are Eimeria parasites genetically diverse? And does it matter?' Dr Elma Tchilian
12 Jan Dr Christopher Chiu Imperial College 'Challenging approaches to respiratory virus vaccine development' Dr Elma Tchilian
19 Jan Prof Deborah Dunn-Walters University of Surrey 'Ageing and the B cell repertoire' Dr Simon Graham
26 Jan Sharon Brookes Animal and Plant Health Agency 'AIV - H5N8 UK & Europe 2014-2017' Dr Elma Tchilian
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
02 Feb Dr Mike Skinner Imperial College London 'Avian host and virus transcriptomics' Dr Andrew Broadbent
09 Feb Dr Mark Howarth University of Oxford 'Protein superglues and dream-teams for control of signalling and accelerating vaccine generation' Prof Venugopal Nair OBE
16 Feb Dr Caswell Barry University College London 'How does your brain know where you are? The role of grid cells in navigation and memory' Dr Anthony Wilson
23 Feb Dr Michael Jarvis University of Plymouth 'Herpesvirus-based Vaccines for Infectious Disease and Cancer' Dr Simon Graham
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
02 Mar Prof Ali Mirazimi Swedish Veterinary Institute 'Crimean Congo haemorrhagic fever virus; virus-host cell interaction' Dr Lesley Bell-Sakyi
09 Mar No seminar N/A N/A  
16 Mar Prof Richard Randall University of St. Andrews 'Interferons, paramyxoviruses and host cell interactions: molecular mechanisms and biological consequences' Dr Holly Shelton
23 Mar Prof Louise Cosby Queens University Belfast 'Paramyxovirus-receptor interactions: Importance in understanding cross species infection and disease treatment' Dr Linda Dixon
30 Mar Prof Matthew Bayliss University of Liverpool 'Role of climate in the emergence of bluetongue and other arborviruses' Dr Linda Dixon
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
20 Apr Dr Mike McGrew Roslin Insitute 'Genome editing in poultry' Dr Shahriar Behboudi
27 Apr Dr Joe Grove University College London 'Immune selection shapes the entry pathway of hepatitis C virus' Dr Erica Bickerton
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
04 May     Prof Ian Brown Animal and Plant Health Agency 'Current risk to the UK and Europe from AI; description of recent epizootics and control challenges' Dr Muhammad Munir
11 May Prof Christl Donnelly Imperial College 'Analysis and modelling of the West African Ebola epidemic' Dr Simon Gubbins
18 May Dr Pablo Murcia University of Glasgow 'Influenza cross-species jumps from birds to mammals' Dr Holly Shelton
25 May Prof Ervin Fodor University of Oxford 'The RNA synthesis machine of influenza viruses' Dr Holly Shelton
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
01 Jun     Prof Nicola Stonehouse University of Leeds 'Poliomyelitis – why do we need new vaccines and how close are we to developing them?' Dr Holly Shelton
07 Jun Dr Adam Balic Roslin Institute

'Exploiting new technologies to advance understanding of the avian immune system'

Dr Andrew Broadbent
15 Jun Dr Mark Travis University of Manchester

'Regulation of intestinal T cell responses by integrins and TGF-beta'

Dr Bryan Charleston
22 Jun Dr Mary Pantin-Jackwood United States Department of Agriculture

'Studying the pathogenicity of avian influenza viruses in different avian species'

Dr Munir Iqbal
29 Jun Dr Kate Bishop The Francis Crick Institute TBC Dr Erica Bickerton
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
06 Jul Dr Abhay Kotecha University of Oxford TBC Dr Julian Seago
13 Jul Dr Bethan Purse Centre for Ecology & Hydrology TBC Dr Anthony Wilson
20 Jul Dr Dan Horton University of Surrey TBC Dr Karin Darpel
27 Jul Dr Yohei Yamauchi University of Bristol TBC Dr Bryan Charleston

There are no seminars during August.

Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
07 Sep Prof Massimo Palmarini University of Glasgow TBC Dr Javier Castillo-Olivares
14 Sep Dr Peter Jones Shire Professional Chartered Psychologists TBC Dr Pip Beard
21 Sep Dr Lonneke Vervelde Roslin Institute TBC Dr Erica Bickerton
28 Sep N/A No External Seminar N/A N/A
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
05 Oct Dr Mikhail Matrosovich Philipps Universität Marburg 'Role of receptor specificity and membrane fusion activity of influenza viruses in host range and pathogenicity' Dr Munir Iqbal
12 Oct Dr Alain Kohl University of Glasgow TBC Prof Luke Alphey                                  
19 Oct Prof Sunetra Gupta University of Oxford TBC Dr John Hammond
26 Oct Dr Ed Lavelle University of Dublin TBC Dr Satya Parida
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
02 Nov Sharon Brookes     Animal and Plant Health Agency       'AIV - H5N8 UK and Europe 2014-2017'    Dr Elma Tchilian
09 Nov TBC TBC TBC  
16 Nov TBC TBC TBC  
23 Nov TBC TBC TBC  
30 Nov TBC TBC TBC  
Date Speaker Organisation Title Host
07 Dec TBC TBC TBC  
14 Dec TBC TBC TBC  

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