To apply for one of the positions listed below, please send a copy of your CV with an optional cover letter to

Part-time evening cleaner x2

The CSU team is part of the Research Services department which sits within the Capability Directorate. The position of part-time evening cleaner reports to the Cleaning, Laundry & Autoclave Supervisor, and works alongside another part-time evening cleaner.

Postdoctoral research scientist - swine influenza

The successful candidate will perform a series of one-to-one challenge studies to define transmission parameters for influenza in pigs. This quantitative knowledge is critical for developing efficient, targeted control strategies. The studies will be performed on three sites, The Pirbright Institute, APHA Weybridge and Bristol, researchers from all three sites will be involved in each of these studies.

Postdoctoral researcher

The successful candidate will be investigating enveloped RNA viruses and virus-host interactions within the research group. Using a range of exciting state-of-the-art techniques including siRNA library screening, SILAC proteomics and high-throughput quantitative entry assays the post holder will examine the properties of pneumoviruses that enable replication, pathogenicity and spread. In addition we will discover which elements of the innate immune response to pneumovirus infection inhibit viral replication, pathogenesis and transmission.

Research assistant / postdoctoral researcher

The successful applicant will be employed in the Entomology group to study the population dynamics of Culicoides biting midges and quantify their ability to overwinter as adults in animal housing. Culicoides (biting midges) transmitted viruses, such as bluetongue virus (BTV), represent important arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses) of livestock both economically and in regards to their animal welfare impact.

Site biological safety officer (BSO)

Health safety & biosafety (HSBS) at Pirbright is a pivotal part of the organisation, providing excellent levels of service and exacting standards of work in support of the research, diagnostic services and operations of the Institute.

IT data analyst / application support

The successful candidate will be help towards the IT team’s overall accountability by providing the planning, technical leadership, and project coordination necessary to implement computer software products and resolve technical problems.

Postdoctoral research assistant

The successful candidate will be part of the Large DNA virus research team, led by the group leader; the focus of the research team is on complex DNA viruses including poxviruses. The postholder will perform a key role in a new BBSRC-funded project investigating the role of insects in the transmission of lumpy skin disease (LSD), a severe poxviral disease of cattle.

Senior postdoctoral scientist

The successful candidate will be a pivotal member of the African swine fever virus group (ASFV) and will be responsible for delivering scientific objectives on a project funded by GALVmed entitled 'African swine fever candidate vaccine strains based on genotype I isolates'. The ASFV group carries out strategic and applied research aimed at improving understanding of ASFV host interactions underpinning development of vaccines.

Animal technician

The animal services department is based within the Capability Directorate of The Pirbright Institute and undertakes the daily care and welfare of animals (covering species such as poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs, mice, rabbits and guinea pigs) housed within The Pirbright Institutes animal facilities.

The purpose of this role is to provide essential support to the overall Institute objectives by undertaking the daily care and welfare of experimental animals kept within The Pirbright Institutes animal facilities.

Health safety & biosafety (HSBS) adviser x2

The successful candidate will be critical to provide The Pirbright Institute with expert professional support necessary to comply with requirements under health & safety law and related legislation, to maintain legal authority to operate as a HSE major hazard Installation under its specified animal pathogens order 2008 (SAPO) license; and to facilitate control and mitigation of the high consequence risks arising from its work.

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