Foley-Fisher M, Phipps P, Medlock J M, Atkinson P, Atkinson B, Hewson R, Gale P (2012)

Journal of Vector Ecology 37 (2) , 478-480
Gale P, Stephenson B, Brouwer A, Martinez M, de la Torre A, Bosch J, Foley-Fisher M, Bonilauri P, Lindström A, Ulrich R G, de Vos C J, Scremin M, Liu Z, Kelly L, Muñoz M J (2012)

Journal of Applied Microbiology 112 (2) , 246-257


  • England. M. Speaker, The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases, London, UK, 2016
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  • England. M. Speaker, Vector-borne Diseases, Liverpool, UK, 2014

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