Evaluation of a novel liquid stabilised peste des petits ruminants vaccine: Safety and immunogenic efficacy in sheep and goats in the field in Jordan

A novel liquid stabiliser was tested with the Nigeria 75/1 Peste des Petit Ruminants (PPR) vaccine over two field studies carried out in sheep and goats. PPR seronegative sheep and goats were selected from farms surrounding Amman, Jordan and were vaccinated with either a stabilised liquid PPR vaccine that had been formulated 3 months prior to use and stored at 2-8 °C or a reconstituted lyophilised PPRV vaccine reconstituted on the day of vaccination. Sera were taken immediately before vaccination and at approximately 1.5, 3 and 6 months following vaccination, then subsequently tested using IDVet ID Screen® PPR competition ELISA and Serum Neutralisation tests to determine the presence of PPRV anti-N antibodies and neutralising antibodies, respectively. It was observed that the liquid-stabilised vaccine was able to provide comparable antibody responses in both species to those induced by the lyophilized vaccine. The ability to store liquid stabilised PPRV vaccine for field use would positively impact PPRV eradication efforts.

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