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Viral Glycoproteins

Njeumi F, Bailey D, Soula J J, Diop B, Tekola B G (2020)

Viruses 12 (3) , 313
Publisher’s version:
Pedrera M, Macchi F, McLean R K, Franceschi V, Thakur N, Russo L, Medfai L, Todd S, Tchilian E Z, Audonnet J-C, Chappell K, Isaacs A, Watterson D, Young P R, Marsh G A, Bailey D, Graham S P, Donofrio G (2020)

Vaccines 8 (1) , 115
Bailey D (2019)

Viruses 11 (11) , 1036
Publisher’s version:
Kelly J T, Human S, Alderman J, Jobe F, Logan L, Rix T, Gonçalves-Carneiro D, Leung C, Thakur N, Birch J, Bailey D (2019)

Viruses 11 (8) , 692
Publisher’s version:
Thakur N, Bailey D (2019)

Microbes and Infection 21 (7) , 278-286


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