Please see below some comments from previous learners about our courses.

“It was very helpful and informative.”
Veterinary vaccine development process​ eLearning course

“The courses were well organized and simplified.”
Peste des petits ruminants eLearning course

“A very user-friendly interface. The course was impactful and fantastic. I have added a lot to my knowledge and a good refresher on The Pirbright Institute high containment. Looking forward to more courses on LSD on your site.”
Lumpy skin disease eLearning course

“Thank you for providing FMDV training, brilliant quantity and quality.”
Foot-and-mouth disease eLearning course

“AFSV knowledge is valuable to my Job, I have really gained more knowledge and understanding on ASF now. Thank you so much.”

“The course was amazing, helpful and applicable to my job in a biosafety level 3 environment working with ASFV. Thank you for providing this.”

“Through this eLearning training course, I have been able to acquired knowledge and understanding about the ASF virus, the disease pathogenesis, the clinical and laboratory diagnosis and its epidemiology. We would like express our deep appreciation for the learning that you have imparted to us. Thank you very much for everything.”

“The course was very helpful, it answered some of the questions in mind about ASFV and its characteristics, the fully packed course modules were practical and concise. Thank you from the whole team.”
African swine fever eLearning course

“Exceeded my expectations.“

“The immersive learning toolkit was impressive.”

“Real professionals sharing life experiences.”

“The virtual tour of the Pirbright Institute laboratories makes me want to visit it in person. I would definitely recommend this course to all of my colleagues working with mosquitoes and insect infection.”

“Such a great resource for the global research community to have experts from Pirbright teach this material.”

“I value the learning and knowledge received from people who are experts in the area.”
InfraVec2 secure insectary experimental methods course

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