Potent lentiviral restriction by a synthetic feline TRIM5 cyclophilin A fusion

A synthetic feline TRIM5-cyclophilin A fusion protein (feTRIMCyp) was generated and transduced into feline cells. feTRIMCyp was highly efficient at preventing infection with human (HIV) and feline (FIV) immunodeficiency virus pseudotypes, and feTRIMCyp-expressing cells resisted productive infection with either FIV-Fca or FIV-Pco. The restriction of FIV infection by feTRIMCyp was reversed by the cyclosporine (Cs) derivatives NIM811 and Debio-025 but less so by Cs itself. FeTRIMCyp and FIV infections of the cat offer a unique opportunity to evaluate TRIMCyp-based approaches to genetic therapy for HIV infection and the treatment of AIDS.

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