Green synthesis as a simple and rapid route to protein modified magnetic nanoparticles for use in the development of a fluorometric molecularly imprinted polymer-based assay for detection of myoglobin

We have developed a low-cost molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP)-based fluorometric assay to directly quantify myoglobin in a biological sample. The assay uses a previously unreported method for the development of microwave-assisted rapid synthesis of aldehyde functionalized magnetic nanoparticles, in just 20 min. The aldehyde functionalized nanoparticles have an average size of 7.5 nm ± 1.8 and saturation magnetizations of 31.8 emu g-1 with near-closed magnetization loops, confirming their superparamagnetic properties. We have subsequently shown that protein tethering was possible to the aldehyde particles, with 0.25 ± 0.013 mg of myoglobin adsorbed to 20 mg of the nanomaterial. Myoglobin-specific fluorescently tagged MIP (F-MIP) particles were synthesized and used within the assay to capture myoglobin from a test sample. Excess F-MIP was removed from the sample using protein functionalized magnetic nanoparticles (Mb-SPION), with the remaining sample analyzed using fluorescence spectroscopy. The obtained calibration plot of myoglobin showed a linear correlation ranging from 60 pg ml-1 to 6 mg ml-1 with the limit of detection of 60 pg ml-1. This method was successfully used to detect myoglobin in spiked fetal calf serum, with a recovery rate of more than 93%.

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