European genotype of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRSV) infects monocyte-derived dendritic cells but does not induce Treg cells

The aim of this study was to characterize the immune responses of DCs after infection with four different EU Strains of PRRSV and whether they show any ability to immunomodulate T cells activation. Our results show that all EU strains can efficiently infect and replicate in DCs. Nevertheless, SLA-II levels remained unaltered in DC infected by all EU PRRSV strains, whereas SLA-I expression was only reduced when strain 2992 was used. IL-10 production was induced by three EU PRRSV strains, being strain 2992 the highest inducer. However, no induction of Treg cells, measured by CD25 and Foxp3 expression on lymphocytes co-cultured with infected DCs, was found. TGF-beta induction was not detected in DC infected with any EU strain tested. In conclusion, DCs infected with EU PRRSV strains exhibited an unbalanced ability to stimulate T cell response and was strain dependent. However, Treg cells were not induced, at least in vitro.

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