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Viral Gene Expression

Chavali P L, Stojic L, Meredith L W, Joseph N, Nahorski M S, Sanford T J, Sweeney T R, Krishna B A, Hosmillo M, Firth A E, Bayliss R, Marcelis C L, Lindsay S, Goodfellow I, Woods C G, Gergely F (2017)

Science 357 (6346)
Curry S, Roque-Rosell N, Sweeney T R, Zunszain P A, Leatherbarrow R J (2007)

Biochemical Society Transactions 35 (3) , 594-598
Publisher’s version:
Dhote V, Sweeney T R, Kim N, Hellen C U, Pestova T V (2012)

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U S A 109 (46) , E3150-3159
Fajardo T, Sanford T J, Mears H V, Jasper A, Storrie S, Mansur D S, Sweeney T R (2020)

Nucleic Acids Research 48 (9) , 5081-5093


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