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Haga IR, Shih BB, Tore G, Polo N, Ribeca P, Gombo-Ochir D, Shura G, Tserenchimed T, Enkhbold B, Purevtseren D, Ulziibat G, Damdinjav B, Yimer L, Bari FD, Gizaw D, Adedeji AJ, Atai RB, Adole JA, Dogonyaro BB, Kumarawadu PL, Batten C, Corla A, Freimanis GL, Tennakoon C, Law A, Lycett S, Downing T, Beard PM (2024)

Viruses 16 (4) , 557
Publisher’s version:
Downing T, Angelopoulos A (2023)

Journal of the Royal Society Interface 20 (207)

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