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African Swine Fever Virus

Netherton C L, Goatley L C, Reis A L, Portugal R, Nash R H, Morgan S B, Gault L, Nieto R, Norlin V, Gallardo C, Ho C-S, Sánchez-Cordón P J, Taylor G, Dixon L K (2019)

Frontiers in Immunology 10 , 1318
Netherton C L, Connell S, Benfield C T O, Dixon L K (2019)

Frontiers in Genetics 10 , 402
Dixon L K, Islam M, Nash R, Reis A L (2019)

Virus Research 266 , 25-33
Mulumba-Mfumu L K, Saegerman C, Dixon L K, Madimba K C, Kazadi E, Mukalakata N T, Oura C A L, Chenais E, Masembe C, Stahl K, Thiry E, Penrith M L (2019)

Transboundary and Emerging Diseases 66 (4) , 1462-1480
Publisher’s version:
Dixon L K, Sun H, Roberts H (2019)

Antiviral Research 165 , 34-41


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