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Genetically defined lines of animals

Infectious disease models in the target natural hosts are excellent tools to understand the biological features of host-pathogen interactions that are essential for developing improved control strategies. Moreover, the use of these models in genetically defined, inbred animal species with specific disease resistance can provide valuable insights into the association between diseases and genetic resistance. The Pirbright Institute has genetically distinct and scientifically important inbred chicken lines, pigs and MHC-defined cattle.

If you would like more information about our genetically defined animals please e-mail us.

We have 6 inbred lines of chickens, 6, 7, 151, 0, N and P which differ in susceptibility to a number of viral pathogens. We also have Line C, Wellcome Line, Brown Leghorn and Rhode Island Red flocks. The chicken flocks are maintained as specific pathogen free.
We have 1 genetically defined line of pigs: Babrahams. These have a level of inbreeding comparable with inbred mice. 
We have MHC homozygous cattle representing 4 selected haplotypes (A10, A14, A18 and A31), homozygous bulls, and stocks of semen and embryos to allow the generation of calves for research purposes.

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