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Climate change and disease, featured at Marwell Zoo

Bluetongue disease - Part 1 UK risk assessment 2016 (April 2016)

Bluetongue disease - Part 2 Transmission, clinical signs and pathology in sheep (April 2016)


Fighting viruses: Amazing 21st century lab

High containment: inside the £145M virus lab



African swine fever virus

How midge genes can affect the spread of disease

Using CRISPR at Pirbright

Foot-and-mouth disease life cycle

Transmission of arboviruses

Culicoides life cycle


The life cycle of flu

The life cycle of foot-and-mouth disease virus


Media coverage

BBC South news report on the official royal opening of the BBSRC National Vaccinology Centre: The Jenner Building, Friday 24 March 2017
(Video credit: BBC South)


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