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European Virus Archive goes Global (EVAg)

The European Virus Archive goes Global (EVAg) is a non profit organisation that mobilises a global network with expertise in virology to collect, amplify, characterise, standardise, authenticate, distribute, track and collect viruses and derived products.

EVAg is made up of a network of 26 international laboratories, including 17 EU member state institutions and nine non-EU institutions, with seven associated partners and two associated networks that represent an extensive range of virological disciplines. There are 1300 references in the EVAg catalogue.

The Pirbright Institute's role is to provide high-quality viral isolates:

  • Viruses: AHSV, ASFV, BTV, CPV, EHDV, LSDV, PPRV and Nairobi sheep disease virus/Ganjam virus
  • Free from contaminants and exogenous viruses
  • Fully sequenced
  • Virus infectivity is quantified
  • Regular additions
  • Access to large-animal high-containment facility.

Visit the EVAg portal to access high quality viruses. 

For further information please contact Dr Carrie Batten.


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