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May 2022

Timewise Power List 2022 award winners announced

March 2022

Gender pay gap report 2021

The Institute’s is pleased to share the latest Gender Pay Gap Report and to highlight the positive progress which has been made in reducing the gap at Pirbright.

February 2022

Pirbright scientist Kevin Maringer to chair the Microbiology Society’s Members Panel promoting diversity and inclusion in science

February 2022

Celebrating our female scientists on International Day of Women and Girls in Science

April 2021

Science Spotlight: Promoting women scientists in the fight against COVID-19

June 2020

The Pirbright Institute statement on Black Lives Matter

April 2020

Gender pay gap report 2019

The Institute's 2019 Gender Pay Gap Report discusses the gender pay gap and covers measures put in place to reduce the gap and build a more diverse workforce and inclusive culture at Pirbright.

March 2020

Even small acts can help empower women

October 2018

Gender pay gap report 2018

The Institute's latest report discusses the gender pay gap, looks at improvements made over the past year and the development of Institute staff for the future.

October 2018

Pirbright celebrates women in science for Ada Lovelace Day 2018

March 2018

Empowering women worldwide

August 2017

Gender pay gap report 2017

Released in August, the report compares the pay and bonuses of male and female staff across all pay bands at Pirbright, outlining aims for the future and plans for improvement.


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