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Avian Influenza projects

Research projects

Grant Title Value
BB/T013087/1 Development of next generation vaccine technology inducing rapid and strong immunity through targeted delivery of antigens to chicken immune cells £473,080
BB/R50595X/1 Enhancing protective efficacy of avian influenza vaccines through targeted delivery of protective antigens to chicken immune cells £98,212
BB/P025803/1 Japan Partnering Award: Understanding diversity of avian influenza viruses and improvement of vaccines and diagnostics £50,510
BB/R012679/1 Understanding antigenic diversity, zoonotic potential and immunological prevention of avian influenza viruses affecting poultry £506,107

Grant Title Value
BBSRC (BBS/S/C/2004/12655) Analysis of cellular factors modulated by non-cytopathogenic bovine viral diarrhoea virus (funded via training grant BB/B511951/1)  
BBSRC (BB/N002571/1) Avian influenza H7N9 virus evolution: defining the impact of internal genes on virus infection in avian and mammalian species £668,314
BBSRC (BB/M008681/2) Bilateral BBSRC-FAPESP Research Grant: Dissecting Essential Roles of Chicken Interferon Stimulated Genes in the Pathobiology of Poultry Viruses £133,084
BBSRC (BBS/E/I/00001310) Combating highly pathogenic avian influenza: novel vaccination strategies £551,233
BBSRC (BB/E01111X/1) Combating highly pathogenic avian influenza: Novel vaccination strategies using recombinant live avian viral vaccine vectors £654,608
BBSRC (BB/L018853/1) Combating avian influenza through systematic analysis of antigenic drift, genetic variation, and development of novel diagnostic tools and vaccines  £1,587,794
PhD Studentship (BBS/E/I/00001981) Defining the genetic characteristics of infectivity, replication and virulence for H9N2 viruses affecting poultry £24,755
BBSRC (BBS/E/I/00001708) Determinants of transmission, adaptation and pathogenicity of avian influenza  £2,085,932
BBSRC (BBS/E/I/00001121) Dynamics, selection and pathogenicity in avian influenza: from individual to population £282,971
BBSRC (BB/L004240/1) Enhancing potency and efficacy of herpesvirus of turkeys-based multivalent vaccines against avian influenza viruses £126,746
CEVA Generation and evaluation of multivalent rHVT-based avian influenza vaccine candidates  
PhD Studentship (BBS/E/I/00001759) Identification of genetic markers in the haemagglutinin glycoprotein critical for antigenic activity of avian influenza viruses £115,670
BBSRC (BBS/E/I/00001422) Molecular determinants of viral virulence and pathogenicity, and development of improved vaccine candidates and diagnostic tests £649,948
BBSRC (BB/I001824/1) Novel aptamer-based diagnostics and antiviral therapeutics for animal influenza viruses £446,109
BBSRC (BB/R007292/1) Rapid acquisition of mammalian characteristics by avian influenza virus in single host infections £540,326
BBSRC (BB/S013792/1) Reducing the Economic and Zoonotic Impact of Avian Influenza (REZIAI): delivering novel vaccines and diagnostics from laboratory to the field £404,358
BBSRC (BB/R02121X/1) Taiwan-UK Partnering Awards: Surveillance of influenza viruses £15,588
BBSRC (BB/L026341/1) Taiwan Partnering Award: Improving control of influenza viruses £25,305
BBSRC (BBS/E/I/00001025) The replication of avian influenza viruses in cells of avian and mammalian origin £763,611

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