Sanders C J, Harrup L E, Tugwell L A, Brugman V A, England M, Carpenter S (2017)

Journal of Applied Ecology 54 (5) , 1429-1439

07/2019              Oral Presentation at the annual Ento ’19 conference, Royal Entomological Society, London

12/2018              Oral Presentation at the biennial Vector-borne diseases conference, John Innes Centre, Norwich

09/2018              Oral Presentation to the BBSRC Executive Board during an annual visit to The Pirbright Institute

03/2018              Oral Presentation at the annual PGR Student Day, The Pirbright Institute

06/2017             Poster Presentation at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences PGR Conference, UoS  

09/2016             Poster Presentation at the International Congress of Entomology Conference, Florida, USA

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