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  • International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases ‘Bites’ (virtual, 2020) (invited speaker)
  • Zoonotic Emerging Diseases (Indonesia/virtual, 2020) (invited speaker)
  • Integrated Insect Immunology: Controlling Infections (France, 2019) (poster)
  • Microbiology Society Annual Meeting (UK, 2019) (talk)
  • Pre-Empting Pathogen Emergence at the Human-Wildlife Interface (Indonesia, 2018) (invited speaker)
  • International Meeting on Arboviruses & Their Vectors (UK, 2017) (talk)
  • EMBO Conference on Molecular & Population Biology of Mosquitoes & Other Disease Vectors (Crete, 2017) (turbo talk, poster)
  • Microbiology Society Annual Meeting (UK, 2017) (talk)
  • XXV International Congress of Entomology (FL USA, 2016) (talk)
  • International Meeting on Arboviruses & Their Vectors (UK, 2015) (talk)
  • Microbiology Society Annual Meeting (UK, 2011) (talk)
  • Microbiology Society Annual Meeting (UK, 2009) (talk)


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