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Master Outline Planning Application

Master Outline Planning Application (MOPA)

The new Masterplan was prepared with four key goals:

  • New public face
  • Better campus circulation
  • External green spaces
  • Reorganisation of infrastructure

The ‘new public face’ will provide the Institute with a less intimidating entrance and a site split which will allow the local community and the general public access, by encouraging educational links and by providing an understanding of the work undertaken on the site.

The development of the new entrance provides the perfect opportunity for the Institute to re-orientate the campus and provide a new avenue through its centre, improving circulation, encouraging movement, enhancing efficiency and creating a sense of community through increased interaction.

Reinforced by a series of dedicated external spaces this will provide a campus with a unique sense of identity, a world class campus. The sense of community, through increased interaction these strategies create, will lead to improved collaborative working across both existing and new groups based at Pirbright. The proposed developments across the site will provide state of the art research facilities to meet the needs of the users.

Enhanced Infrastructure across the Pirbright campus will provide the Institute with increased flexibility, efficiency and reliability. The new services ring main will allow The Pirbright Institute to develop new buildings, refurbish existing buildings and ensure that the availability of services will not have an impact on the science undertaken.

Artist impression of the Master Outline Planning Application

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