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Studentships 2019

The Pirbright Institute has recently formed partnerships with a number of different universities and companies in the UK to offer a selection of exciting studentships studying viral infections of animals.

These new partnerships offer students an exceptional opportunity to obtain a broad view of infectious disease research in a rich, stimulating and unique research environment. Students will have the opportunity to work with the different partners involved in their project, thereby giving them access to novel ways of tackling the problems of livestock diseases through interdisciplinary, cross-institutional approaches. This will be coupled to core skills training at the student’s host institutions, providing flexible training options and experiences that will support a wide range of career choices.

Applications are therefore invited for these studentships as detailed in the tables below.

UK PhD Loans:

Doctoral loans are now available.  A doctoral loan allows you to borrow up to £25,000 to study a UK PhD in any subject in 2018-19.  Students in receipt of Research Council funding are not eligible.  For full details please visit:

RCUK Residential Guidelines for Research Council Studentships:

For further information on residential eligibility guidelines please refer to RCUK residential guidelines for Research Council studentships


Ref number Project title Supervisors Abstract
Oxford iCASE

Industrial CASE Studentship:  Production and assessment of antiviral prophylactic properties of natural biomolecules against avian influenza and Newcastle disease viruses affecting poultry production          

Prof Munir Iqbal (The Pirbright Institute); Dr Adrian Smith, (University of Oxford)


For full details and to apply please visit the University of Oxford Industrial CASE studentships website  Please do not apply via The Pirbright Institute.


Oxford iCASE Industrial CASE Studentship:  Dissecting the neutralising antibody response to the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus to identify novel vaccine targets Dr Simon GrahamProf John Hammond (The Pirbright Institute); Prof Ray OwensProf Jonathan Grimes (University of Oxford & Research Complex at Harwell); Dr Rudiger Raue (Zoetis) For full details and to apply please visit the University of Oxford Industrial CASE studentships website  Please do not apply via The Pirbright Institute.

The Pirbright Institute also has the following studentships which should be applied for through our partner organisations:  

Partner Organisation/s Project Title   Applications
Norwich Research Park, University of East Anglia

Sex-conversion gene drives for insect pest management

Closing date: 26.11.18

  For full details and to apply please visit the Norwich Research Park website.  Please do not apply via The Pirbright Institute

Further information

The studentship provides for tuition fees and stipend depending on eligibility (see full project details accessible through the tables above).

How to apply

See the 'how to apply' section for further information.

General enquiries can be emailed to

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