GARAD-18 Conference

17 January, 2018 to 20 January, 2018

GARAD is a freshly launched forum, led by The Pirbright Institute, UK, to establish networking among avian researchers from all continents. Primary aim of this initiative is to share and exchange latest research advances, promote collaborations and to maximize the use of resources and expertise to progressively control of avian diseases, around the world.

This year's GARAD conferece will take place in Hanoi, Vietnam. The main focus is to establish global partnerships and links between academic researchers and the poultry industry to improve joined up work in regards to preventing, controlling and combating avian diseases. The meeting will provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas around the single theme of exploiting available opportunities to deal with emerging and existing infectious avian diseases in poultry production systems and to safeguard food supplies and human health.

For more information, please visit the GARAD website.

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