The Cheltenham Science Festival 2019

04 June, 2019 to 09 June, 2019

The Times Cheltenham Science Festival will welcome some of the world’s greatest scientists, comedians, writers and thinkers this June, offering a week of thought-provoking debates, insightful talks, laugh-out-loud comedy and world-class entertainment.

Visit Pirbright in the Discovery Zone

The Institute will be attending, with their popular Dr Zoo's Travelling Science Lab!
Take on the role of Dr Zoo's assistant and use your skills as a virologist, vaccinologist, bio-mathematician and biosafety expert to evade the deadly, unknown Virus X. Crack codes, solve clues and build viruses to contain this deadly outbreak!

Take part in our events

Predicting Pandemics Viral Survival: Can you escape a deadly virus?
Friday 7 June, 4.30pm - 5.30pm
Town Hall, Pillar room
Sunday 9 June, 10.30am - 11.30am and 12pm - 1pm
Town Hall, Pillar room

Is it possible to predict the next global pandemic? Discover how researchers use a variety of methods to predict and prevent the spread of infectious disease, carefully deducing where viruses might appear and how they could spread around the world. Biomathematician Simon Gubbins, virologist Dalan Bailey and international flu expert Wendy Barclay reveal the scientific toolkit used in the fight against infectious diseases.

For tickets and further information, see the Cheltenham website.

A deadly outbreak caused by an unknown virus has suddenly erupted! Are you ready to outmaneuver the virus by taking on a series of scientific challenges to crack codes, solve clues and stop the spread of infection? Try to escape the vicious virus with Pirbright and Dr Zoo in their Escape Room challenge.

For tickets and further information, see the Cheltenham website.


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