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What is Athena SWAN?

The Athena SWAN Charter was launched in 2005 and its original aim was to aid the career advancement of women who were employed in academia, especially those focused on STEMM topics (science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine).  As times have changed so has the charter and Athena SWAN is now much more than just the progression of women in science. In 2015 it refocused to be more inclusive towards science, operations and both male and female staff.

ECU’s Athena SWAN Charter covers women (and men where appropriate) in:

  • academic roles in STEMM and AHSSBL
  • professional and support staff
  • trans staff and students

In relation to their:

  • representation
  • progression of students into academia
  • journey through career milestones
  • working environment for all staff

For further information, visit the Athena SWAN website.

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