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Athena SWAN at Pirbright

The Pirbright Institute has retained the Athena SWAN Bronze award by demonstrating its commitment to the Athena SWAN principles for gender equality.

The Athena SWAN application was prepared by an Institute research and administrative staff panel. This involved an overview and analysis of the Institute, supported by data relating to the gender balance, promotion, recruitment, family-friendly provision and other areas of particular relevance to women in their careers. An action plan submitted in conjunction with the application sets out 58 objectives for us to implement; some relate to existing practice and others are new initiatives. The action plan will be reviewed continually by the Athena SWAN Working Group and in four years it is intended that the progress made will enable the Institute to apply for and achieve the Silver award.

Dr Lynda Moore, Head of Academic Affairs and Training who led the application project, said “A core team of 12 people took on the task of putting the application together for the Bronze award and my thanks go out to them for all their hard work over a long period of time.  As a Working Group we also wish to thank all those who collected and produced data for the report, as well as to all who contributed important information through focus groups and questionnaires. It is important to note that whilst we are all really pleased to have retained the Bronze award, this is very much the starting point for the future; the Institute takes equality, diversity and inclusion very seriously and this is our chance to improve the working environment for each and every person at Pirbright.”     

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