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EcoCampus Bronze AwardThe Institute is committed to improving its environmental impact and this is to be delivered through the implementation of an accredited Environmental Management System (EMS).

EcoCampus is a national EMS and award scheme for the higher and further education sectors. The scheme allows for the Institute to be recognised for addressing key issues of environmental sustainability and is achieved through a phased approach of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The Institute achieved the Bronze Award on the 29 February 2016.

Each phase contains a number of minimum requirements which progressively lead towards the implementation of a fully operational EMS. Bronze level is the planning phase of the scheme. To gain the award the Institute has demonstrated its commitment to environmental sustainability through its senior management, conducted a baseline review of its impact on the environment, produced an Environment Policy, established roles and responsibilities of its newly formed Energy and Environment Team, and compiled an environmental legal register.

If you would like a copy of the Environment Policy or Energy Policy for The Pirbright Institute, please contact

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