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The Institute is pleased to offer a number of training courses aimed at stakeholders who are associated with the diagnosis of viruses affecting livestock or the health of farm animals.  Pirbright’s flagship course is run annually for two weeks on the 'laboratory diagnosis of foot-and-mouth disease virus', providing a mixture of lectures and hands-on laboratory skills taught by experts within Pirbright’s reference laboratory.  Further residential courses delivered by our expert scientists and reference laboratories include 'transboundary diseases', 'laboratory diagnosis of African swine fever virus', and 'vaccine matching'.  Pirbright is open to ad hoc requests for training in many of the scientific areas we cover; this may take the form of a bespoke course for a small number of people, short-term placements for visiting scientists and longer-term placements for collaborative PhD students.  Pirbright also collaborates with the University of Nottingham to deliver an annual 2-week course on poultry health.

In addition to training courses and placements, Pirbright offers some material in the form of on-line e-learning.  Whilst nothing can replace face-to-face contact with subject matter experts, e-learning can provide a useful resource for those in other countries or who prefer to learn in their own time.  Laboratory diagnosis courses currently available include: foot-and-mouth disease virus, bluetongue virus and lumpy skin disease virus.  Future plans include material on peste des petites ruminants and African swine fever.

Pirbright is also home to experts in fields other than science: our Biosafety and Engineering teams are very experienced in bio-risk management and the construction and running of high containment facilities.  We plan to offer training courses in these areas in the near future but we are again open to ad hoc requests for assistance on a collaborative or consultative basis. 

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If you have any questions regarding training opportunities at The Pirbright Institute, please contact Dr Lynda Moore, Head of Academic Affairs & Training.
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