The Cheltenham Science Festival

08 June, 2018 to 10 June, 2018

The Times Cheltenham Science Festival will welcome some of the world’s greatest scientists, comedians, writers and thinkers this June, offering a week of thought-provoking debates, insightful talks, laugh-out-loud comedy and world-class entertainment.

Visit Pirbright in the Discovery Zone

The Pirbright Institute will be attending with the hugely popular 'Bug Busters' - a Lego interactive that helps you to create your own model mosquito and then find the best way of preventing it spreading diseases through genetic modification. Visit our scientists in Discovery Zone from Friday to Sunday.

Take part in our events

How Safe Is Our Food Supply? Pandemic Live

Friday 8 June 4.45–5.45pm
The Cube

One of the biggest threats to our food security is disease of our livestock and crops. Disease affects our economy and the availability of food in our shops. Don King, Head of the World Reference Lab for Foot-and-Mouth Disease, chemical ecologist John Pickett and food systems researcher John Ingram join climate scientist Tamsin Edwards to explore the risks to the UK’s food supply and how preventing and controlling these diseases keeps our store cupboards well-stocked.

Find the event and prebook tickets on the Cheltenham website.

Friday 8 June 7.15–8.30pm
Helix Theatre

A deadly new virus has hit British farms and scientists are worried it may soon spread to humans. As this fast-changing situation develops, our panel need your help to decide what to do next. Virologist Pip Beard, entomologist Simon Carpenter and biodefence expert Richard Hatchett join mathematician Hannah Fry to navigate this worrying outbreak.

Find the event and prebook tickets on the Cheltenham website.

For more information, please visit the Cheltenham Science Festival website.

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