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Please visit the current vacancy page to see all vacancies at The Pirbright Institute.

The Pirbright Institute is a world-leading centre for research and surveillance to prevent virus diseases of livestock and virus transmission from animals to humans. We wish to attract and encourage the best scientists to join the Institute to help take forward this important and exciting area of science. In order to help achieve this aim, the Institute has introduced its own Fellowships Scheme to enable outstanding early-stage, post-doctoral scientists to develop their own research programme, within the remit of the Institute. The Institute is also open to discussions with prospective employees who wish to apply for externally funded fellowships based at The Pirbright Institute.

If you would like to discuss how your own scientific ideas might fit with these possible openings informal enquiries can be made to the Head of Science Administration, Dr Louise Barton.

The Daphne Jackson Trust provides flexible and part-time funded Fellowships to return talented STEM professionals back to work after a career break of two or more years taken for family, caring or health reasons. 

As part of the strong equality, diversity and inclusion culture at the Institute, we are highly supportive of this scheme and keen to host Daphne Jackson Fellows.

Visit the Daphne Jackson Trust website or call 01483 689 166 to find out more about the Trust.

Please contact Dr Lynda Moore for informal discussions about the opportunities available at Pirbright and how we could support your application for a Daphne Jackson Fellowship.

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