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The Houghton Building

The Houghton Building (Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) Hatchery) is a purpose-built animal facility dedicated to the incubation, hatching and rearing of SPF chickens under clean conditions. This type of facility ensures maintenance of disease free status in birds which are used directly in 'in vivo' studies or indirectly to support our avian scientists 'in vitro' research activities. 

The fundamental research the facility will support, improves global food security and poultry welfare through improved knowledge of disease, including the generation of new and more effective vaccines.

The Houghton building is named after the poultry research station that was started at Houghton Grange, Cambridgeshire in 1948. Between 1986 and until its closure in 1992, Houghton was part of the Institute for Animal Health.

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