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Animal Technician

The Animal Services department is based within the Capability Directorate of The Pirbright Institute and undertakes the daily care and welfare of experimental animals (covering species such as poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs, mice, rabbits & guinea pigs) housed within The Pirbright Institutes animal facilities.

The purpose of this role is to provide essential support to the overall Institute objectives by undertaking the daily care and welfare of experimental animals kept within The Pirbright Institutes animal facilities.

Science Administrator

The successful candidate will provide administrative support enabling the supply of insects from our unique insectary facilities and additionally carry out data entry duties. You will work within a friendly and motivated team, with day to day management provided by the Insectary lab manager, and develop close working relationships with production personnel.

Institute Director

The Pirbright Institute delivers world-leading research to understand, predict, detect and respond to viral disease outbreaks. We study viruses of livestock that are endemic and exotic to the UK, including zoonotic viruses, by using the most advanced tools and technologies to understand host-pathogen interactions in animals and arthropod vectors. Our major strength in understanding the immune systems of livestock provides a platform to control current diseases and respond to emerging threats.

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