To apply for one of the positions listed below, please send a copy of your CV with an optional cover letter to

Business admin apprentice

The business admin apprentice is a pivotal member of the training team and will support the department in delivering an excellent training service. The training team provides a range of courses for staff and external customers, delivered on-site by internal and external trainers. We have a new, dedicated training facility for hosting such events and this apprenticeship will provide the opportunity to learn the art of event management through this training facility.

Mechanical technician

Based on the Pirbright site carrying out PPM and reactive maintenance operations, including repair, operation and maintenance (to competency level), we are looking for an mechanical technician of mechanical building services and process plant, including HVAC, piped gases, hot and cold water systems, steam systems and refrigerated systems.

Postdoctoral research scientist or senior postdoctoral research scientist

In this role you will contribute towards achieving the objectives of the Institute Strategic Programme Grants (ISPGs).  In particular, the successful candidate will participate in identifying and characterising genes (potentially endogenous mosquito genes but primarily synthetic transgenes) affecting female mosquito vector competence or fitness and investigate their potential for genetic control strategies.

Health, safety and biosafety training officer

The health, safety and biosafety (HSBS) training officer plays an essential part of SAPO4, ACDP3 and ACDP2 training delivery across the whole Institute.  The post holder will ensure that suitable and sufficient training has been received for all appropriate staff, visiting scientists and contractors working and accessing containment facilities on site, and ensuring continued competency in relevant health, safety and biosafety principles and practices.

Postdoctoral researcher

This project represents an exciting opportunity to work on one health research, and is suited to virologists, immunologists or molecular biologists with a passionate interest in medical and veterinary health, viral entry, viral ecology and/or viral evolution. The successful applicant will be required to manage their research project and work independently whilst liaising and collaborating with other members of the group.

Site biological safety officer (BSO)

The role of site Biological Safety Officer (BSO) is critical to provide Pirbright with the expert professional support necessary to comply with biosafety and biosecurity requirements under health and safety law and related legislation, to maintain legal authority to operate as a HSE major hazard site under its Specified Animal Pathogens Order (SAPO) license, and to facilitate control and mitigation of the high consequence biorisks arising from its work.

Postdoctoral avian influenza molecular virologist

Postdoctoral scientist is a pivotal member of the team and will support the department in delivering an excellent research that improve knowledge and tools that help to control the avian influenza infections in poultry and humans. The position will perform key duties and report to the head of Avian Influenza group.

Postdoctoral researcher

Animal viruses create major challenges to animal health through loss of productivity and mortality. Developing effective and affordable vaccines will help to alleviate poverty in developing countries, where these diseases are widespread. Virus production for vaccines still is a challenging issue, particularly with slow-growing viruses. Type I interferons protect cells from virus infection through the induction of interferon-stimulated genes (ISGs).

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